Welcome to Germany

Herrenhausen, Exterior View

We look forward to welcoming you to Germany in 2009.

Visa Regulations

A valid passport or ID card is required for entry into Germany. Participants from some countries may also require a visa for entry into Germany. Please contact your nearest German Consulate or Embassy for specific details.
Participants requiring a letter of invitation in order to attend the Congress, please name your personal details as follows:
Title, Family Name, First Name, Job Title, Company Name, Address, Post Code, Country, Email, Telephone/Fax(incl. Country Code), Passport Number. These must be submitted to the relevant Embassy together with a copy of your registration confirmation. However if this procedure is not suitable please email, ilds2009reg@goportis.de, with the additional details to be added.
Please note that this procedure aims to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Congress. It is not an official invitation covering fees and other expenses, nor does it imply any financial support from the Congress or any legal obligation on part of IFLA/ILDS.
Please make arrangements for your visa as soon as possible. The procedure may take longer than expected for various reasons.

The Federal Foreign Office provides further information on entry and visa requirements if necessary.


As in the majority of the EU countries, Germany uses the Euro (1 euro = 100 cents).
The Association of German Banks provides a useful currency calculator that can help you make conversions into your own currency.

Time Zone

Germany operates on Central European Summer Time. This puts us six hours ahead of New York and six hours behind Singapore!

Weather and Climate

City Center Hannover

Germany is situated in the temperate climatic zone of central Europe between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the continental climate to the east. It is rare for the temperature to undergo sudden or very dramatic changes. Precipitation is common in all seasons, with Hannover having an average of nine days of rainfall in the month of October.

Daytime temperatures average 13.8°C and night-time temperatures 6°C, while the sun shines on average 3.4 hours a day.

October can produce both beautiful, sunny autumnal days with pleasant, warm temperatures and chillier, windy, rainy weather, so it may be worth packing both your sunglasses and your umbrella!

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